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Do you offer a warranty on your swords?

Yes, we offer a full warranty of 2 years on our products.


How long will it take for me to receive my sword?

Delivery is usually 3-4 weeks after the payment is received if not required earlier. Based on your preference we can either ship the swords to your address by FedEx or UPS. For Sandhurst cadets we will deliver your swords at the next Sandhurst Tailor’s Day.


What happens if your delivered WKC sword or scabbard is defective?

We arrange for courier pick up at our expense and repair until you are satisfied. We are located within the EU and have been creating, refurbishing and repairing British swords and scabbards for this market many years. We offer all of our clients, from Australia to the USA a high standard of after sales service and this will be not different for our Sandhurst clients.  


What if you cannot satisfy my needs ?

We give you your money back upon return of the product.


Why is your price lower than some of the other companies selling similar products?

Though each of our swords is made by highly skilled craftsmen using the highest quality of raw materials, we made a conscious decision to offer the cadets at Sandhurst what we consider good value for money. During  our 230yrs of existence we have been fortunate to supply to 80countries around the world and so are able to access a price level that would not only benefit the work we do but would also be acceptable to the pocket of our future customers.


Do you make according to the British MOD specifications?

Our swords and scabbards are constructed according to the British MOD specifications. As a basic product we make these items with the materials specified by the British MOD but fortunately for those who are interested, we also offer our customers options of materials that are not in the specification but are more suited to their specific requirement. For example, the specification indicates that the blade should be made of carbon steel. These blades are better to sharpen but require much care in order not to rust - imagine that if you touch the blade with your bare finger and don’t clean it afterwards that this spot will rust over time. So for persons who are most interested in passing this sword down through generations, stainless steel would be a better option for them. For those who want a carbon steel blade like the specification but are still afraid of rust for them we offer the option of nickel-plating the blade which will provide for corrosion protection. We offer all the options, it is just a matter of what works best for you.


Where are your swords produced?

The city of Solingen became famous in the middle ages for its metal-working and craftsmanship in sword making and is still so up to today. Our swords and scabbards are produced in Solingen by the oldest existing sword factory in the world.


How do your swords compare to Wilkinson Swords?

If you asked this question some years ago, the answer would have been there was no reason to compare as one of our founding members, Kirschbaum was also a partner in Wilkinson Sword and our company supplied Wilkinson with their blades. Today we make our British swords using the tools that we acquired after Wilkinson closed their doors and so except for a few improvements  made possible with changes in technology our swords are made with the same high quality expected of them.


Is my sword just another stock product?

Nothing we product here at WKC is just another stock product. We produce for 80 countries around the world and each force within each country has its own specifications. Your sword will be custom made to the British MOD specifications and to your requirements.


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