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WKC History

The sword factory W.K.C. in Solingen Germany was founded in 1883 by the families Weyersberg and Kirschbaum who were verified to have been in the sword business since the middle ages. At the time they not only produced swords but also knives, cutlery, bicycles, motorcycles and parts fors cars.


Kirschbaum was co-founder and partner in Wilkinson Sword and supplied them with blades. Actually our first blade roll forge was developed in England in the 19th century. Today we still produce swords, keeping traditional manufacturing alive in one of the original WKC buildings.


Upon the closure of the Wilkinson Sword's factory in 2005 and following a bid process, we were awarded much of their manufacturing equipment, incl. their blade roll-forge and various lots for tools and parts for the following RMAS related swords amongst many others:-Infantry & Guards Swords & Scabbards.

- Royal Artillery Swords & Scabbards.

- Cavalry Officers & Troopers Swords & Scabbards.

- Basket Hilted Broadsword Swords & Scabbards.

- Royal Navy Swords & Scabbards.

- Royal Airforce Swords & Scabbards.

- Household Cavalry Officer Swords & Scabbards.

- Household Cavalry Troopers Swords & Scabbards.

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